Our event management services encompass both corporate and private events. Here is a bird's eye view of the two:

Our staffing service, at Smarthands, is aimed at making these companies' job simpler. With substantial experience in the trade and incessant focus on skill building, we act as liaison between jobs and candidates, bridging the two quite seamlessly.We possess a rich database of candidates and that helps us in attending to all sorts of client requirements.

Corporate events

Be it the all important product launches or other corporate events like press conferences, corporate meetings or business congresses; their success might have a major bearing on the organiser's brand image. We, at Smarthands, hence hire some of the most talented personnel in the trade to produce your events with finesse. With the successful production of these events, we ensure that our clients have unprecedented opportunities of networking and further enhancing their brand image. This service, of ours, also features the management of promotional events like road shows, inauguration events and others.

Personal Events

During the course of your life, you might organize events which have a major bearing on your life. While your wedding changes your life forever, birthday parties and anniversaries are very close to your hearts and well ingrained in your memory. You can make them and their memories all the more special with Smarthands. We take up certain elements of the management of these personal events and put them together dexterously to let these life changing moments exude charm and grace.